Gaber Kontelj, LLB, MBA

Gaber Kontelj

Gaber Kontelj is well experienced lawyer with state legal examination (bar exam), supplemented with executive MBA degree. His career encompasses 20 years of working in public (High court in Ljubljana) as well as in private sector (Insurance, Chemicals, Technology and Telecommunications). For more than 16 years he has held managerial positions in Compliance, HR and Legal areas. He was involved in numerous M&A projects, international contract management cases, cross border negotiations; he led or coordinated great deal of litigation and arbitration cases; he conducted countless compliance and legal workshops and trainings and gave various presentations in both domestic and international environment. As he worked for multinational company Siemens, pioneer in compliance systems, he went through a thorough compliance education program and consequently took over the position as Regional Compliance Officer, responsible for eight countries in the Adriatic area. Acquiring knowledge and experiences in the main compliance areas, such as anti-corruption and conflict of interest, anti-money laundering, antitrust/competition, insider information and data privacy, he has helped several major Slovenian companies to understand and introduce tailor made compliance processes.